This instrument is a really good basis for all music learning. Students are welcome to commence lessons on piano from 5 years old. All styles of piano from classical to jazz to 20th century and more are offered through our studio. Students develop an excellent foundation in reading music, notation, rhythm and technique through our individualised, exclusive piano program. Although keyboards are accepted as an initial means of practicing, it is encouraged to have a piano in your home to really benefit the most from your piano lessons. Piano students are offered AMEB examinations, eisteddfods and other performance opportunities. Piano students from Grade 2 upwards are invited to audition for our Excellence Program.


As the smallest of the bowed stringed instruments, the Violin/Viola is an excellent place to start for students who wish to have the option of playing in orchestras, school music groups etc. Through our Violin/Viola Program, students are taught a solid technique, music reading, notation, rhythm, pitch and aural development. We encourage students from Grade 2 to consider auditioning for our Excellence Program. All students will have the opportunity to participate in various performances (including eisteddfods) and AMEB examinations. It is expected that you own a Violin/Viola prior to commencing lessons, however these can be purchased for a very reasonable price from approximately $180 (which includes everything you will need to commence).


This is one of the larger stringed instruments and has a very unique mellow tone. Although not as popular as the violin, the cello holds an important part in many musical groups including orchestras and string ensembles. Our students can commence lessons on cello from 5 years of age. All students are offered performance opportunities including AMEB examinations and eisteddfods, and encouraged to audition for a place in our Excellence Program from Grade 2. It is expected that all students have their own instrument for practicing, however these may be purchased or hired through an external source. Please contact us for information.


The recorder is a wonderful start for children wishing to later progress to another a woodwind or brass instrument. Children from 5 years old can learn good breathing techniques, music reading, rhythms and notation. We offer private and group sessions for recorder. It is expected that students own an instrument prior to commencing lessons. Many performance opportunities are on offer for students in our recorder program, including AMEB examinations and eisteddfods.


Vocal lessons are offered to students from 5 yrs of age. These sessions will focus on aural awareness, pitch, rhythm, tone, projection and other vocal techniques. An important part of vocal coaching is to ensure students are progressing towards becoming confident performers. Opportunities will arise for small ensemble work as well as solo performances.